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Seasonal menu


Kohlrabi Carpaccio

with citrus dressing, lettuce, caramelized nuts and herb whey cheese (150 g)

7.40 €

Lightly smoked veal slices

with tuna sauce and fresh coriander (120 g)

7.80 €

Beef tartare

with chilli pepper, arugula and toasted bread (100 g)

9.90 €

Flamender tasting

Ligthly smoked veal slices with tuna sauce and fresh coriander; Beef tartare with chilli pepper and arugula; Kohlrabi carpaccio with citrus dressing, lettuce, caramelized walnuts and herb whey cheese (180 g)

10.30 €


Rich vealtail soup

with homemade veal ravioli and fresh vegetables (0,3 l)

4.20 €

Bryndza soup

with roasted wild mushrooms, fried bacon strips, spring onion and fresh chives (0,3 l)

4.50 €

Main Meals

Pumpkin risotto

with goat cheese, roasted ginger, roasted seeds and Styrian pumpkin seed oil (300 g)

8.90 €

Spinach noodles

with trout baked on farm butter, fresh spinach, cream and herbs (300 g)

9.30 €

Spätzle with grilled chicken

white wine, julienne vegetables, young green peas, fresh spinach, chilli and baked bacon streusel (300 g)

9.60 €

Braised pork cheeks

with spelt sheep cheese gnocchi and smoked Šovdra ham (200 g)

11.10 €

Chicken supreme

with roasted new potatoes on bacon, served with spring onion, bryndza sauce and mixed radish salad (200 g)

11.70 €

Sous-vide turkey leg

with roasted parsnip purée and homemade cracklings, zucchini and onions marinated in black vinegar and chocolate (200 g)

11.80 €

Juicy pork tenderloin

with shallots braised in coffee and chilli, homemade nettle stuffing, carrot-celery gratin and rosemary sauce (200 g)

13.90 €

Marinated duck breast

with caramelized orange and apples, carrot straw, Grand Marnier sauce and jasmine rice (200 g)

14.90 €

Grilled trout with garlic and thyme

served with sweet potato purée, fennel and apple salad and orange-parsley sauce (180 g)

15.20 €

Rabbit back wrapped

bio bulgur with orange lentils and lemon chard with wild cherry sauce (200 g)

15.30 €

Veal medallions

with asparagus wrapped in Mangalica bacon, corn pancakes and carrot-mushroom sauce (200 g)

15.99 €


Spinach salad

with egg, radish, young green peas, carrot, cherry tomatoes, baked Mangalica bacon, celery straw and tuna dressing (300 g)

7.40 €

Spring salad

with strawberries, blueberries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pea shoots, kohlrabi, arugula, orange, matured cheese, caramelized nuts and citrus dressing (300 g)

8.90 €

Salad with grilled chicken

avocado, apple, grilled corn, spring onion and toasted ash cake and cheese dressing (300 g)

9.49 €


Hot chocolate cake

with homemade vanilla icecream and raspberry foam (150 g)

3,90 €

No-bake cheesecake

with cinnamon, wild berries and raspberry coulis (150 g)

4.10 €

Semolina flummery

with currant sorbet, apricot jelly and chocolate cocoa streusel (150 g)

4.30 €

Children's Menu

Crispy chicken cutlets

and mashed potatoes on farm butter (120 g)

6,20 €

Homemade noodles with boneless chicken leg

zucchini, corn, cream and cheese (200 g)

6,40 €

Side Dishes

Baked baby potatoes with Mangalica bacon and spring onion

(200 g)

2.40 €

Steamed jasmine rice

(200 g)

1.70 €

Spring green salad with olive oil and lemon

(100 g)

2.70 €

Steamed vegetables with herbs and farm butter

(200 g)

2.20 €

Purée (parsnip, sweet potato and basil)

(200 g)

2.40 €

Organic bulgur wheat with herbs and lentils

(200 g)

2.30 €

Carrot corn pancakes

(150 g)

1.90 €

Spelt gnocchi with butter

(200 g)

1.70 €

Carrot and celery au Gratin

(200 g)

1.90 €

Crispy onion bread, homemade rosemary ash cake and browned toast

(120 g)

1.50 €